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Our decision to implement a Science Advisory Team simply stems from our commitment to your health. For us, regulatory licensing does not sufficiently differentiate our business. We believe that it is important to constantly improve, therefore, we have partnered with recognized experts in the health and medical space.

As many of our customers are endurance athletes, we also sought the advice of a former Olympian and a current extreme athlete and trainer. Our Science Advisory Team is here to ensure that our products meet the highest standard, and they should know…they are all powered by SuperNaturalTM CBD.

We want you to get to know our team and our process so you know exactly where your CBD originates. Naturally, we inspect and qualify each farm before we buy biomass. Natural Path is not only committed to your health, but we are committed to organic methods and sustainable farming practices.

Ensuring our products

Meet the highest standard

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Our Science Advisory Team

Dr. Eric Meyer, MD

Dr. Eric Meyer is an adventurer and anesthesiologist from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He has a longstanding research interest in high altitude physiology and mountaineering. Eric’s medical expeditions have taken him to North and South America, Africa, and several trips to the Himalayas, including climbs of Shishapangma, Makalu, K2, and two summits of Everest. He has worked as a physician volunteer with the US Ski Team, and volunteers on various overseas medical projects including 2010 Haitian earthquake relief and an emergency field hospital in Iraq . Research activities in wilderness and environmental medicine have focused Eric on adaptive mechanisms and field therapeutic strategies for cold and high altitude exposure.

Dr. Justin Carlstrom, PhD
Exercise Science

Justin brings over 20 years of working in Exercise Science to Natural Path. In addition to years of researching and teaching at multiple Universities, he has worked as a team physiologist for the US Ski and Speed-skating Teams, and was a nutrition consultant for the Utah Department of Health. Justin believes the importance of living an active lifestyle and consuming a healthy diet along with natural medication. He is also a firm believer in the efficacy of naturopathic medicine in treating and preventing many illnesses and diseases. This is not to say that he does not believe in modern medicine, but also appreciates the healing power of natural substances like CBD.

Justin lives with his wife, Gina (a physical therapist herself), and their two-year old daughter in Mendon, Vermont. Justin lives within the Green Mountain National forest we he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, camping, rock climbing, skiing, and gardening.

Dr. Jennifer Kerr, PT, DPT, SCS
Physical Therapy

Jen has been a mother for 10 years and a physical therapist for over 15. Working in small private businesses, Jen sees the importance of mindful health care practices and spending. Her philosophy for her work is to inform patients enough to empower them to take charge of their own health and well being. To her, natural treatments should at many times be considered first before looking into prescription medications. Jen recognizes that research points to CBD being a safe alternative to many other pharmaceuticals, and she is excited to be a part of exploring its potential.

Outside of work Jen maintains an active lifestyle with her son and husband in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In the summer months she is always looking for the euphoria of the “runners high”, which is now thought to be associated with the brain’s endocannabinoid system reducing pain and anxiety. The winter time is why Jen lives where she does; enjoying nordic and alpine skiing in the some of the best powder days in the world.

Graham Muir

Graham has been involved in the competitive sports arena for nearly three decades. Working as a professional rugby coach and player for 20 years, he saw a need to develop a program to prepare his athletes to face any challenges on and off the field.

After many years of researching and fine-tuning his programs, he created Manic Training. Manic is a hybrid strength and conditioning training program that creates better athletes through a purposeful variety of exercises and conditioning protocols.

Upon retiring from the high-impact sport of rugby, Graham’s interests turned to pushing his body in a new direction; ultra-distance cycling. He has completed many 200+ mile, multi-day events including gravel races, mountain biking and fat-biking winter ultras. He recently finished the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 and, in the winter of 2020, will attempt the ITI 1,000 mile race in Alaska, arguably the toughest winter ultra-distance event in the world. Because of the extreme nature and conditions of these types of races and the toll it takes on the human body, he has researched and tested various nutritional and recovery avenues to keep the body going strong and injury-free. Specifically looking at organic methods that enhance the bodies natural ability to heal.

Erin Simmons Nemec

Erin Simmons Nemec grew up in West Vancouver, British Colombia and started skiing at age 2 in the mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb. She took up snowboarding at the age of 12 and after graduating college and living in New Zealand, she went on to become a professional snowboarder in the sport of Snowboardcross. Erin competed in the 2006 Olympics, 8 times at the Winter X-Games, where she brought home 3 silver medals, and maintained a top ten world ranking for 6 years. After years of traveling and competing, Erin is now a full time Mom of two boys. She works as a professional trainer at MANIC TRAINING, a high intensity workout program; represents Marabou and the Steamboat Resort as a snowboarding Master Guide; and helps run the family business, Cactofab, with her husband Cactus. In her spare time, Erin enjoys riding bikes, dirt bikes, snowboarding, boating and camping with her family.

Erin will forever be an extreme athlete, pushing her limits with her two boys at the terrain park. As her body is subjected to high impact, wear and fatigue, she believes natural CBD can be one of best recovery system to help her keep up with her boys and feel her best!

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