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Our High-Quality Standards

At Natural Path, we adhere to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to insure that we manufacture a high quality product. Your Path to quality starts with the training of our associates to insure compliance with all safety standards, sanitation, laboratory and environmental controls, and industry practices. In addition to in-house testing, Natural Path submits routine samples to State-approved labs for verification of quality compliance.

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Our Tracking System

Every gram of hemp that passes through our facilities is assigned a unique bar code identifier that tracks the material from seed to shelf. With our inventory management system, we monitor the handling of industrial hemp and extraction every step of the way. Each and every batch is documented, numbered and barcoded.

Whether you are a first time farmer or a pharmaceutical customer, we have defined and measurable systems and processes in place to protect your inventory and provide consistent extraction results.

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Our Services

Natural Path provides commercial and boutique extraction and isolation laboratory services through our Full Spectrum Lab located in Hayden, CO. We provide our customers with industry leading cold ethanol extraction services, distillation, and isolation laboratory services. Naturally, our Full Spectrum Laboratory Services follow GMP’s and are managed by a professionally trained and degreed scientist.

Our Services

Toll Processing

Natural Path provides complete and comprehensive contract extraction services. We provide a Full Spectrum of laboratory solutions. As CBD markets continue to evolve, we ensure that we can produce a full line of CBD products to meet your needs.

From crude to distillate to “T Free” distillate, to isolate, we are on the same Path as you. Your Natural Path to laboratory services leads to our state-of-the-art facility in Hayden, CO.

Shared Processing

If Full Spectrum toll processing is not in your budget, we offer a different Path. Please connect with us to discuss shared processing. You receive all of the benefits of our Full Spectrum lab services, without the cost.

Natural Path processes your biomass and our team of sales executives puts their years of experience to work for you. Natural Path handles all of the marketing and distribution, we then share in the proceeds of the sale.

Co-Packaging and Blending

Your Path has led you to the right partner. We offer a fully transparent cost-plus model to address your co-packaging or blending needs.

Our facility in Hayden, CO is fully capable of handling many of your packaging needs: vape cartridges, pre-rolls, pre-packaged products.

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